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What is Viddget?

Viddget is a unique video chat solution that enables the company representatives to communicative with the customers in a more humanized and personalized manner through an easy-to-use video chat, with no installations needed on the customer side.

The solution is ideal for banks, insurance and telecommunication organizations, as well as e-commerce companies. In today’s competitive market, service is sales and Viddget adds a more personalized human touch to all digital customer interactions.

Our Products

Viddget Telecom

Viddget Telecom enables you to meet your customers online, in new Sales explaining and comparing the customers many options in choosing the right plan and assisting the customer through the entire sales process where Viddget Telecom has basket functionality, online payment, Online signage to mention some.

Viddget Telecom is also used as a post purchase service to welcome new customers and make sure they get started correctly and become happy customers. For more information please contact us.

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Viddget Bank

Viddget Bank product is easiest explained as a branch office online. With Viddget Bank you can meet your customers online, guide them through your products and services, identify them through the markets leading KYC technology that Viddget is integrated with and much more.

Viddget Bank makes your digital onboarding easy! For more information please contact us.

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Viddget E-commerce

Vidget E-commerce is very powerful. Use Viddget E-commerce to help and assist your customers when they are on your site.

With Viddget E-commerce you can text chat with your customers and co-surf with them and guide them to the right site and if needed you can move from text chat to a Video meeting if there is anything you need to show or explain. For more information please contact us.

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Viddget Travel

Viddget Travel is a product that brings your travel agency to your customers home. Help your customers in real time to manage bookings and reservations that require more assistance, group bookings, special needs bookings etc.

With Viddget Travel you have the tools needed to give your customers the best online experience there is.

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How to use Viddget

Digital onboadring

The challenge with digital onboarding is that it is online without anyone to help.
With Viddget, you can easily meet your new customers online, no installation or registrations required, you can identify and assist your customer in real time & really make sure that your customers get started the way they should.

Same experience online as in store

Get the same assistance online as you expect when entering a store. Compare products, ask questions to a real person and get help finding what you need.

Identify your customer online

In Viddget you can do much more than just talk to your customers. We have developed API’s to the markets best KYC platforms, for example the ability to identify a person online using Facebiometrics or BankID.

Low Conversion Rate

We all agree that Internet is here to stay, and we can also agree that more and more of today’s business is dependent on a digital presence.
So why not make it as good as it can be. We have seen higher conversion rate and lowered return rates plus happier customers.

Some of our customers

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